This privacy policy outlines the principles and practices for the collection and processing of personal data on the websites of SJMK Services Ltd. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our website users and adhere to data protection and other laws, as well as good data protection practices. We use the personal data collected to improve our services, for staff recruitment, and targeted marketing.

We collect data from site users themselves, automatically through the technical implementation of the site, and from third-party analytics services.

Electronic Direct Marketing – If you have provided your contact details through a contact form, subscribed to our newsletter, or downloaded files, we may send you information about our services and products with your consent. You can cancel your newsletter subscription and consent to marketing communications at any time using the unsubscribe link in the newsletters or by sending a message to

Use of Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies – Our site uses cookies for monitoring and analysis as well as for targeted marketing. The site may also contain third-party cookies and community plug-ins.

Disclosure of Information to Third Parties – We disclose personal data we collect to our partners only for justified purposes as detailed in section 4.

Your Rights to Access and Control Your Personal Data – You can review your personal data processed by SJMK Services Ltd and how it is processed by following the instructions provided later. We do not retain your data longer than necessary for the purposes defined in this privacy policy.

1. General

This privacy policy describes the personal and other data we collect and how we process this data.

SJMK Services Ltd is committed to complying with applicable legislation relating to user privacy and to handling personal data in accordance with good data management and processing practices.

”Personal data” means information by which an individual can be identified. In addition to personal data, we also collect non-personal data, which refers to information about the use of the Services that cannot identify an individual.

2. Purposes for Using the Collected Data

Personal data at SJMK Services Ltd may be processed for the following purposes:

  • To order services
  • Registration of job applicants
  • Contact regarding services and targeted marketing
  • To reach users and for direct marketing
  • To conduct market and other research, analyses, segments, and reports and for targeting
  • To ensure usability and functionality
  • For business planning and service development

3. Data We Collect and the Sources

Personal data is collected both directly from the user and from other sources. Data is collected through various channels (internet, email, etc.) provided by the user themselves and from our partners. Data collection may also occur automatically in the technical implementation of the Service.

We collect the following types of information from users from different sources:

User-Provided Information

We collect information provided by users, for example, when ordering our services, providing contact details through a contact form, or submitting a job application.

Such information includes:

  • Name
  • Address details, telephone number, and email address
  • CVs and job applications
  • Contacts to SJMK Services Ltd or its staff
  • Contacts and comments on social media channels

Technically Collected Data about Service Usage

We collect technical information about the use of services and the technical characteristics of devices as described in more detail below. Data collection is automatic.

Such information includes:

  • IP address (and country of location)
  • Actions and their duration of use of the Services (such as viewed pages and content with duration)
  • Unique identification numbers used by devices
  • Information about the used device, type of operating system, and software versions
  • Browser type and language settings
  • The website that directed to the Services and the site moved to from the Services, server, and domain

Data Obtained from Third Parties

We use analytical tools and measurement systems provided by third parties in connection with our Services to also collect and use non-personal data. Examples include Google Analytics and Hotjar.

We may also use data purchased or obtained from third parties. In such cases, we require that the third party has ensured the legality of collecting and sharing the data.

SJMK Services Ltd’s Customer and Other Legitimate Relationship Register

We may store information in the services about the user’s name and language of communication, marketing consents and prohibitions, and contact details for communication. Data in the register is retained in accordance with applicable legislation and only as long as necessary. Direct marketing use of the data can be prohibited by sending a message to

4. Disclosure of Information to Third Parties

Personal data may be disclosed for justified purposes. This disclosure adheres to the requirements of the currently applicable data protection legislation.

Data may be shared for marketing purposes, opinion and market research, data updating, or other similar investigations with our partners.

Information is also disclosed to parties involved in providing services, such as email service providers and data analysis and company information services. Collected data may also be shared with parties involved in data analysis and digital advertising.

The disclosure of information to third parties always concerns the marketing of SJMK Services Ltd or commissions on behalf of SJMK Services Ltd.

We may also disclose user information to competent authorities or other entities as required by currently applicable legislation, or to monitor and ensure compliance with the terms of service and to guarantee the security of the services.

Data may be disclosed in the context of a potential business transaction, merger, outsourcing, or business sale, and also related to a group relationship or other financial consortium to those parties involved.

5. Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies

We use cookies, trackers, scripts, and other similar technical identifiers and technologies to recognise devices, monitor, and analyse the use of our Services, improve the quality of our Services, further develop our Services, and target advertising and other marketing.

A cookie is a small text file that the browser stores on the user’s device. Cookies generally contain an anonymous, unique identifier that allows browsers using the services to be recognised. Information collected by cookies may be disclosed to third parties in accordance with this privacy policy.

The Service may also include third-party cookies such as measurement and tracking services and advertising networks. Third parties may set cookies on your device when using the Services.

Third Parties

We utilise technical tools provided by us and third parties in connection with our Services to collect and use non-personal data as well. Measurement and analysis services such as Google Analytics also use cookies. SJMK Services Ltd and its partners may collect data including content view counts and clicks on links in websites and emails.

Third-party services apply their own privacy policies and terms of use, and SJMK Services Ltd is not responsible for their data collection or processing practices, including cookies and other tracking technologies and links. SJMK Services Ltd may utilise data collected by third-party services for analysing, categorising, and targeting marketing within those services.

Clearing and Blocking Cookies

Users can clear or block cookies and other tracking through their browser or device settings. Regularly clearing cookies changes the identifier used to create a user profile. However, clearing cookies does not completely stop data collection.

Users who do not wish cookies to be stored on their device can adjust their browser settings to refuse cookies before or during the use of services (e.g., incognito or private browsing settings). For mobile devices, users can adjust their device and app settings related to tracking features.

Refer to browser-specific instructions for clearing and blocking cookies.

Blocking cookies may affect the user experience of the service. If cookies are not allowed, we cannot guarantee the optimal functionality of the service.

6. Processors of Personal Data

SJMK Services Ltd may process personal data in accordance with currently applicable data protection legislation. Data may only be processed by specifically designated individuals according to the instructions of SJMK Services Ltd.

We may use external service providers and technical interfaces in processing stored data. User personal data may be shared with such service providers to the extent necessary to maintain, develop, and provide services. We carefully select service providers and ensure through contractual arrangements that personal data is processed in accordance with data protection legislation.

7. Data Transfer to Third Countries 

We do not generally transfer personal data outside The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) or the European Union or the European Economic Area. If data is transferred outside these areas, we ensure an adequate level of protection for personal data, for instance by agreeing on matters related to the confidentiality and processing of personal data as required by law.

8. Registry Security

Our registries are adequately protected by technical and organisational measures. We also ensure the fault tolerance of our systems and the possibility to restore data.

Registries are maintained on appropriately secured servers and services. These protections include access control, entry control, firewalls, and password protection, which allow access to stored information only to employees of SJMK Services Ltd and service providers in a contractual relationship with SJMK Services Ltd.

We will notify the relevant authorities or the user directly of any data security breaches in accordance with applicable legislation.

9. User Rights

Data Inspection. Users have the right to inspect personal data about themselves held in the personal registers of SJMK Services Ltd.

Data Correction. Users have the right to request the correction or completion of their personal data if the information is incorrect, unnecessary, incomplete, or outdated for the purposes of data processing. These rights are valid to the extent permitted by the data controller’s legal obligations.

Data Deletion. Users also have the right to request the complete deletion of their personal data from the register, if permitted by the data controller’s legal obligations.

Opting Out of Direct Marketing. Users have the right to refuse direct marketing communications by following the instructions in such messages or by notifying SJMK Services Ltd specifically.

Withdrawal of Consent. If the processing of personal data is based on the user’s specific consent given to SJMK Services Ltd, the user has the right to withdraw their consent for the processing of their data.

If users wish to exercise the above rights, they can contact SJMK Services Ltd at any time via email at or using the contact details provided in section 12.

10. Data Retention

SJMK Services Ltd retains user data in accordance with applicable legislation and only as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes described in this privacy policy.

If the user no longer subscribes to services, their personal data are mainly deleted, transferred to a permanent marketing register, or anonymized so that the data subject can no longer be identified from them. Such situations may include recording a direct marketing prohibition to ensure that the user does not receive services they have cancelled.

11. Changes to the Privacy Policy

We continually develop our service and may periodically change this privacy policy. Changes may also be based on alterations in data protection legislation. We encourage you to regularly review the privacy policy to detect any changes.

12. Data Controller

SJMK Services Ltd
PO Box 79436

Tel: 0204 5714 726

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