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Frequently asked questions

You can send both gold and silver to us. For example, you can distinguish between silver and nickel silver by their hallmarks. Nickel silver (marked as ALP or UH) are non-precious metals.

We also evaluate gemstones and may make a purchase offer for them. If you prefer, we can return the stones to you. We do not remove stones from silver items.

Our evaluation will determine whether your items are precious or non-precious metals.

You can send the items in a larger box and tape our envelope to the outside. 

Your bank account number can only be used to DEPOSIT money into your account. You can also provide your bank details over the phone or by email if you prefer.


SJMK Services Ltd
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Tel: 0204 5714 726

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SJMK Services Ltd

SJMK Services Ltd offers its customers the opportunity to recycle precious metals. Recycling generates 100% high-quality raw materials, significantly benefiting the environment.

We are an international company operating in UK, Finland, Sweden, and Spain. We have been recycling precious metals since the year  2011.