Your attention is drawn, in particular to the following sections: section 1,4, section 3.1, section 3.3, section 4.3, section 5.1, section 5.4, and section 6.

Who we are:

You can find everything you need to know about us, SJMK Services Limited [on our website or] from our sales staff before you enter into a contract. SJMK Services Ltd buys precious metal (“Object” of “Objects” as applicable) under the following conditions (hereinafter “SJMK”).


  1. The Customer selling to SJMK (hereafter “Customer”) confirms the contract with their      signature.

  1. The customer is at least 18 years old.

  2. The customer is a private person and does not sell the Object(s) as a business activity.

  3. The customer has full control and ownership of the Object it wishes to sell to SJMK.

  4. The Customer confirms to SJMK that the Object has not been acquired through criminal means and the sale of the Object will not expose SJMK to any kind of money laundering or other criminal activity. The Customer shall reimburse SJMK where SJMK suffers any loss as a result of the Customer’s breach of this section 1.4.  

  5. The contract shall come into existence on the date that the Customer posts their Object to SJMK.


      1. SJMK only buys Objects that contain precious metals or metals. The condition or functionality of the Object is not important.

      2. SJMK only buys Objects for recycling. Purchase prices are based solely on weight and content and not, for example, on the model or sentimental value of the jewellery. The price offered may therefore be lower than the potential resale value when selling the Object as is. SJMK does not give a break down of the purchase price by Object.


      1. All Objects to be delivered to SJMK must be sent to the shipping address pre-marked in the security bag provided by SJMK (Royal Mail bag). SJMK urges the customer to photograph the Objects to be sent before sealing them in the package.

      2. The Customer must not send any harmful substances of any kind to SJMK.

      3. When using SJMK’s security bag , the items are insured by SJMK. If the Customer fails to use SJMK’s supplied security bag , then the shipment of the Object is at the Customer’s risk and SJMK shall have no liability if the Object is lost. The Customer acknowledges and accepts that the compensation cap for the shipment where SJMK’s return envelope is used is 750 GBP. The Customer is obliged to hand over the security bag  to the representative at the Royal Mail pick-up point, and to request and carefully keep the delivery receipt. The receipt serves as proof of the insurance. If the Customer wants to send an Object to SJMK where the total value of the Object exceeds 750 GBP. 

      4. The Customer must promptly contact SJMK’s customer service if the Customer becomes aware that the Object has become lost or damaged during transport. SJMK will notify the customer if SJMK receives such information.

      5. SJMK reserves the right to return the security bag to the Customer if it is damaged or tampered with before it arrives to SJMK.


      1. As part of the evaluation service, SJMK will aim to evaluate the Object on the day it arrives with SJMK. 

      2. After evaluating the Object, SJMK will contact the Customer by phone or text message. The Customer will be informed by phone of the price to be paid for the materials in the Object, and if necessary, of the Object or part of the      Object that SJMK does not wish to buy (see section 2.1 above).      

      3. If the Customer has marked the section ”I want to donate the purchase price to save the children in the contract document, the Customer will not be contacted with a purchase offer, but the donation amount will (to 100%) be directed directly to the save the children on behalf of the Customer.

      4. When the evaluation and purchase offer has been made by SJMK and the      Customer has accepted the price to be paid for the Object SJMK will process      the payment to the account given by the Customer. The break down can be read from the account statement under the payment message.

Ownership of the Object is transferred to SJMK when the purchase offer has been accepted by the Customer [, or after 90 days if SJMK has not been able to contact the Customer. Where the second scenario applies, the purchase amount will be paid either to the Customer’s account or to save the children. according to the entry in the contract document.]


      1. If the Customer does not accept the purchase offer made by SJMK, the Object  will be returned by SJMK to the address given by the Customer in the Contract, free of charge. It is the Customer’s sole responsibility to ensure they have provided SJMK with the correct return address for the Object and to update SJMK if the address changes. Section 5.4 below shall apply. The Customer acknowledges and accepts that once they have accepted purchase offer it is not possible to cancel the contract or request the Object be returned to them as the precious metals move on to smelting.     

      2. Until the purchase offer is accepted by the Customer under section 5.1 above, the Customer can cancel the contract by requesting that the Object is returned by SJMK once SJMK has received it. It is the Customer’s sole responsibility to ensure they have provided SJMK with the correct return address for the Object and to update SJMK if the address changes. Section 5.4 below shall apply.               

      3. SJMK will also return free of charge any materials that SJMK does not purchase in accordance with section 4.2. 

      4. When SJMK returns the materials to the Customer, SJMK has the right to choose an appropriate delivery method. SJMK will return the Customer’s materials at its own expense and will insure shipments over 100 GBP up to a maximum value of 750 GBP. If the Customer does not request a return, SJMK      will have ownership rights to all materials left in its possession. 


      1. SJMK is not liable for indirect damages under any circumstances.

      2. SJMK shall have no responsibility or liability for any Objects which are lost or damaged during shipment to SJMK where the Customer has not fully complied with section 3.1 and 3.2 above or where the Customer has provided an incorrect or out-of-date return address. 


  1. SJMK will use any personal data a Customer gives as set out in SJMK’s Privacy Notice:


  1. SJMK’s customer service team contactable will do their best to resolve any problems the Customer has as per our Complaints policy which can be found here


    1. SJMK can transfer the contract partially or completely to a third party. Where possible SJMK will let the Customer know that this will happen, and the transfer will not affect the Customer’s rights or obligations under the contract.

    2. The Customer can only transfer the contract with SJMK to someone else if SJMK agrees to this.

    3. The contract is between the Customer and SJMK. Nobody else can enforce it and neither the Customer nor SJMK will need to ask anybody else to sign-off on ending or changing it.

    4. SJMK can make changes to these terms and conditions and/or the services to reflect changes in relevant laws and regulatory requirements or to make minor technical adjustments and improvements.

    5. If a court invalidates some of the contract, the rest of it will still apply. If a court or other authority decides that some of the terms are unlawful, the rest will continue to apply.

    6. If SJMK delays in enforcing the contract, it can still enforce it later. SJMK might not immediately chase the Customer for not doing something (like paying) or for doing something the Customer is not allowed to, but that doesn’t mean SJMK cannot do it later.

    7. These terms and conditions are governed by English law and wherever the Customer lives the Customer can bring claims against SJMK in the English courts. If the Customer lives in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, the Customer can also bring claims against SJMK in the courts of the country the Customer lives in. SJMK can claim against the Customer in the courts of the country the Customer lives in.

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