Cupboards Overflowing with Silver?

Make room in your cupboards and recycle your old silver items. We buy and recycle everything from spoons and jewellery to cufflinks.

Why should you sell your silver to us?

Make an eco-friendly choice and turn your old silver into money.

We buy silver in all its forms. We accept table silver, broken silver jewellery, cake servers, and candlesticks. Your silver items can be in poor condition and tarnished; we’ll take them as they are. The recycled silver is used to manufacture new silver items and in the electronics industry.

We buy silver

  • Jewellery
  • Cutlery
  • Vases, bowls, and frames
  • Coins

You will receive

  • Competitive prices
  • Immediate transfer to your account upon acceptance of our offer
  • Immediate payment in hand with no hidden fees

Here's how to turn your silver items into money from the comfort of your own home


Order a Free Appraisal kit

Order a free Appraisal kit delivered to your doorstep. Place your silver items in the secure envelope and drop it off at the nearest post office. We cover the shipping costs for you and insure the jewellery up to 750 pounds.


Send Your Jewellery for Evaluation

Our goldsmiths will assess your shipment on the day it arrives. We’ll then call you personally and make a purchase offer.


Accept the Offer and Receive Payment Immediately

If you decide to sell your items, we will pay you immediately. Otherwise, we will pack your jewellery back in the pouch and return them to you at no cost.  

Order appraisal kit and evaluate your items

Fill your information on this form and receive your free appraisal kit.

By selling your unused metal items, you save natural resources​

By selling your unused silver items, you save natural resources

Industrial mining and processing of silver are significant burdens on the environment. The silver we purchase is 100% recycled and reused, including in the electronics industry.

Frequently asked questions

You can send both gold and silver to us. To help you identify your silver, you can distinguish between silver and nickel silver by their hallmarks. Nickel silver (marked as ALP or UH) are non-precious metals.

We also evaluate gemstones and may make a purchase offer for them. If you prefer, we can return the stones to you. We do not remove stones from silver items.

Our evaluation will determine whether your items are precious or non-precious metals.

You can send the items in a larger box and tape our envelope to the outside. 

Your bank account number can only be used to DEPOSIT money into your account. You can also provide your bank details over the phone or by email if you prefer.

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Do you have any questions?

  • We will always make a purchase offer to you over the phone.
  • Only then do you decide whether to sell or not.
  • We know of no fairer way to trade!

Our customer service is open from 9am to 5pm on regular working days.

0204 5714 726