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Exchange your old and unused jewellery for money. The gold and silver sold to us is 100% recycled and repurposed.

Easy and Eco-Friendly – How to sell old golden jewellery


Order a Free Appraisal Kit


Send Your Jewellery for Evaluation


Accept the Offer and Receive Payment Immediately

This is How Simple Recycling Your Jewellery Can Be

Order a free Appraisal kit delivered to your doorstep. Place your items in the secure envelope and drop it off at the nearest post office. We cover the shipping costs for you and insure the jewellery up to £750.  If you decide to sell your items, we will pay you immediately. Otherwise, we will pack your jewellery and return them to you at no cost. 

exchange unused Jewellery for Money in the bank

A broken gold necklace, a solitary earring, and an old gold tooth – all of these are worth recycling.

Our Goldsmith will examine your jewellery

Recycle gold jewellery easily, image by
Laurence Conway UK Goldsmith

Laurence Conway, Goldsmith and Head of Valuation. With over 40 years of experience as a Jeweller and Goldsmith, Laurence will conduct a full appraisal of your gold and silver, including any gemstones.  If you choose not to accept the offer we make you, your items are sent right back to you, at no cost.

Laurence Conway
Goldsmith and Head of Valuation
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We work closely with Save The Children, who champion the rights and interests of children worldwide, putting the most vulnerable children first.

When you sell to us, you can help Save The Children, by donating part, or all of, the money you receive from your jewellery.

A donation of just £30 to Save The Children can purchase 250 water purification tablets, 176 malnutrition treating food sachets, 17 midwives’ birth kits or 2 school-in-a-bag kits.

Thank you for supporting them in their worldwide mission to tackle the barriers to survival, learning and protection of children.


Recycling your old jewellery is beneficial for both you and the environment.

With our trustworthy service, we make it easy and quick to sustainably recycle your unused and unwanted silver and gold.

High level of customer satisfaction


We have served over 450,000 happy customers across UK and Europe. More than 95% of our customers accept our fair offers after the evaluation.  

Those that choose to have their good returned, do so at no cost to them.  We know of no fairer way to trade.

Recycling gold and other metals


We recycle 100% of the precious metals sent to us.

Old items are returned to the market as raw materials, reducing the significant environmental, health and socio-economic impact of gold mining worldwide. 

Operating in the UK since 2011


We have been operating in the UK since 2011 and in Europe since 2000.

Almost half a million customers have entrusted their goods to us using our insured delivery service.  

Frequently asked questions

You can send both gold and silver to us. To help you identify your silver, you can distinguish between silver and nickel silver by their hallmarks. Nickel silver (marked as ALP or UH) are non-precious metals.

We also evaluate gemstones and may make a purchase offer for them. If you prefer, we can return the stones to you. We do not remove stones from silver items.

Our evaluation will determine whether your items are precious or non-precious metals.

You can send the items in a larger box and tape our envelope to the outside. 

Your bank account number can only be used to DEPOSIT money into your account. You can also provide your bank details over the phone or by email if you prefer.

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Do you have any questions?

  • We will always make a purchase offer to you over the phone.
  • Only then do you decide whether to sell or not.
  • We know of no fairer way of trading!

Our customer service is open from 9am to 5pm on regular working days.

0204 5714 726